Europe is struggling and Russia is now forcing more and more nations to use their currency to pay for fuel. The FDA says the baby formula factory can ...View Details

The [DS]/[CB] are trying everything to bring us into their new system by using inflation to make us broke and shutting down the supply chains to make ...View Details

Today’s Guest: Lior Gantz 11 Major Gold Catalysts - Full Economic Outlook - https://www.wealthresearchg...View Details

The people are understanding that Ukraine has nothing to do with the inflation, high fuel costs, baby food shortage etc, the game is over, the people ...View Details

BLS reports that the PPI has hit 11%. Gas prices are at an all time high and [JB] cancels the oil gas lease sale in Alaska and the Gulf Of Mexico. Wat...View Details

The world is now experiencing inflation like they haven't seen since 1971. These high costs are making very difficult to make ends meet. Inflation her...View Details

The Biden administration trapped themselves in their own lies, everyone saw inflation coming a year ago, they are trying to explain it now and tackle ...View Details

[JB] is now blaming the MAGA movement for the inflation that he created with the help of the [CB]. Now he is going to reduce the inflation, this will ...View Details

Prepare TodaySAVE 150 DOLLARS onyour Three-Month Food Kits. Today’s Guest: Charlene BollingerWebsite: Propaganda Exposedhttps...View Details

The blame game has begun, now the WH Economic advisor says spending is not the cause of inflation. Baby formula shortages are happening across the US....View Details

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