Prepare Today And SAVE 20%Off A Full 4-WEEK SUPPLYMy Patriot Supply   Today’s Guest: Clay Clark Website: ThriveTimeShowhttp:/...View Details

The people are waking up, they are seeing and feel the inflation, the [CB] is doing everything possible to cover it up, but it is not working. As infl...View Details

Inflation is coming and the the establishment is trying to explain why this is happening, this is why they needed an event, it was to usher in their g...View Details

The entire [CB] plan is backfiring, more and more governors are doing the opposite of [JB] and the [CB]. Everything is  about to change in specific st...View Details

The [CB] is pushing their agenda with corporate tax increase, this is an illusion, it will not help the US economy it will hurt it in the end. The GOP...View Details

The [CB]s plan is failing, they wanted the world to suffer economically, their plan has failed, yes economies are hurting but economies are opening up...View Details

The Biden administration is having a tough time explaining why the unemployment number were a complete miss. They are continually pushing the [CB] age...View Details

Prepare Today And SAVE 20%Off A Full 4-WEEK SUPPLY|My Patriot Supply   Today’s Guest: Collin KettellWebsite: Nevada Kinghttp:...View Details

[JB] says the economy is right on track, on track for the [CB] plan to bring us into the great reset. The MSM could not believe the job numbers. The e...View Details

[JB] is pushing the destruction of the economic system as we know it, Trump and the patriots wanted this, this way it creates a crisis, with a crisis ...View Details

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