The [CB] is pushing everything they have at the people, they want the people to feel pain so they conceded to their plan, the people are not going alo...View Details

The picture for many is becoming clearer and clearer. The people can now see how the Fed takes from the poor and gives to the rich. The [CB] system is...View Details

Prepare Today And SAVE $100Off A Full 4-WEEK SUPPLYMy Patriot Supply   Today's Guest: Bitcoin Ben  Patreon Details

The people can now see the difference, the economy is now separating when you look at red and blue states. The Biden administration is going to use th...View Details

The people are being brought down the path of darkness, they must see what the [CB]. This time around it is different the people will have a choice, t...View Details

Prepare Today And SAVE $100Off A Full 4-WEEK SUPPLYMy Patriot Supply   Today’s Guest: Harley SchlangerWebsite: La Rouche Org...View Details

Bankers are now jumping ship, the entire [CB] illusionary system is now falling apart. The [DS]/[CB] players are pushing the green new deal as they al...View Details

The people now seeing the truth, [JS] is trying to gas light the people, but the people see right though it, they see the problems with the supply cha...View Details

The people can now see who the true enemy is, the [CB] just completed the transfer of wealth to the 1%. Amazon is not effected by the supply chain iss...View Details

The [CB] is moving their plan forward, but people are seeing through it. Everything is now accelerated and the [DS]/[CB] cannot hide in the shadows, t...View Details

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