Today’s Guest: Sean Stone Website: Sean Stone Sean Stone  majored in American History, studying at Oxford and Princeton Universit...View Details

States are now opening up and the number of cases is dropping dramatically. Some did say that the it would start to go away by April. Since states are...View Details

The economy under Trump proved that the US and the people can do a lot better. Trump promised that the economy would come back after the pandemic and ...View Details

The [DS] players which are made up of the corrupt politicians are waking the people up in droves. When is comes to the economy people understand what ...View Details

The people can now see how the corrupt politicians payoff themselves and others. The stimulus bill is not meant for the people, it is meant for the el...View Details

The establishment is now panicking, they need a way to figure out how to stop people from moving from one system to another. They will try everything ...View Details

The [CB] is now panicking over other currencies. They are now in the process of trying to control the entire situation, this will fail. The WEF put up...View Details

Today’s Guest: Collin KettellWebsite: New Found Gold Corp Collin is the Founder & Executive Chairman of New Found Gold. He c...View Details

Today’s Guest: RedPill78 Website: Rumble: Bitchute: Details

The stimulus bill is not a stimulus bill, it is a payoff for the corrupt politicians. 90% is going to non covid related issues, while less than 10% is...View Details

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